Iron-on embroidery designs for those who love to stitch

With iron-on embroidery designs you can start stitching quickly.

Iron on transfers work best on light colored fabric. Designs are good for two or more transfers. If ironed on to 100% cotton they will wash out after stitching is finished, they can also fade over time. Designs ironed on to polyester will be permanent.

Use an iron at the hottest setting moving slowly around making sure the paper does not move. Keep out of direct sunlight as it will fade the transfer lines. Also do not iron till your embroidery is finished as it lines will fade away.

New to Embroidery?

Try a simple project and something you like. Choosing a simple running stitch or outline stitch is a good start and don’t worry about what the back looks like. If you have friends that look at the back of your work get new friends. Just remember have fun and nobody is perfect.